Monitor school bus in real time Effective school bus management Bus fault notification in time
Be able to know where is school
bus exactly in real time
Real time monitoring, scheduling route
make easy to managingschool bus;
detail school bus status report, help to
arrange maintenance in time.
When bus is fault (break down, crash.etc),
fault alarm wil be sent out immediatly
Non-off waring School bus driver management Get your children location any time
Reduce the chance of any student
left in the bus.
Help to reduce unsafe driving behavior,
improve protectionto all the children
Do not need to worry about safety of
your children while on the jounry to
school and home any more.
A professional solution provider,
we focus on comprehensive
managing solution in major fileds,
include logistic, school bus, car
rental, vehicle and personal security,
communications applications,
etc, to make things be better.

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