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4G MDVR GPS Vehicle Tracker MD510-TF

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Main Functions

GPS vehicle tracking, history location report

Alarm report

Real-time video monitoring

Engine cut/Resume via GPS platform remotely

Support DMS camera for drivers management

SMS function (for some configurations)

1. TF card: Dual TF card, 1 internal 1 external.

2. Steaming video

1) Support 1~4 channels, real-time audio and video local recording and remote recording;

2)Support PAL system and NTSC system;

3) Video OSD overlay, such as time, channel name, license plate number, GPS and so on.

4. Data saving mode: first in first out

5. USB backup video/export video files

6. Storage: TF Card: Maximum 256G, 2TF cards=512G

7. History playback: GPS platform and APP

8. Alarm reports

9. G-Sensor

10. 485 Port

11. Fuel monitoring:Support ultrasonic fuel sensor