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  • Do you find the need to control which driver is driving each vehicle ? You get a ticket forrefueling from the driver. Indeed, that vehicle was refueled a few days ago, it was not possible to run out so fast, and you know the vehicle was driven at nonworking time by the records. You need to have a word with the driver. The problem is, that vehicle is used by various drivers. You cannot spot who the driver at that particular time was . Situations like this are quite common, specially with companies where the optimization of the fleet and personnel require frequent driver reassignment . If you want to always keep track of which driver was assigned to a trip, then Oner bring Driver Identity and mangement solution for this...........VIEWS DETAILST >>

  • ONER CAR DETECTION APP This app is designed for car detection and mangement specially, it will show you the details of vehicle, and let you know what happen of you car clearly, all cars status can be show in one APP, simple operation, it is very convinient......VIEWS DETAILST >>

  • The school bus community has been saying that the school bus service is tied to students successfully in many counties,but you may hear about some issues like these:
    2. A little boy was locked in the school bus.
    3. A child did not get on the bus but no one knew.
    4. An accident or breakdown occurred, it took too long time to help.
    ...... ...........VIEWS DETAILST >>