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GPS Speed governor

Country of origin:China

Oner GPS speed limiter is designed for fleet management



Oner GPS Speed Governor



Speeding is the major cause of accidents in our roads  and we have to look for all possible ways in curbing this menace, ” 


the chairman of the NTSA in Kenya said,speed control is an effective way to reduce traffic accident. So oner bring new speed
control solution—GPS speed governor,  it offers Mechanical control method to control the speed,no harm to  your cars, and can work
in all types of cars, during the limitation  process, there will also be a voice records to remind driver ,  make sure the speed limitation
is effective, and safety  to car and drivers.


  1. Reduce accident caused by speed
  2. Lower Insurance Premiums
  3. Reduction in Fuel Costs
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs
  5. Improve safety and security
  6. Comprehensive fleet management
  7. Help to find the causes of accidents, and establish clear lines of responsibility
  8. Mechanical control method for speed control, no damage to the car
Main features: 
Real time tracking            Speed limitation            GPS tracking with data log               GPS tracking with anti-tamper               
  Real time tracking                 Speed limitation                                 Data store & export                          Anti-tamper                         
  Know where the cars are      When the car is moving over the      All speed data can be saved in      Speed data can never be edited       
   now exactly, manage             preset speed, it will slow down,       the SD card and exported as          or deleted without certain software;  
   and control all at the              driver can not speed up the car.       a report.                                               If speed governor is removed, you    
   same time                                                                                                                                                             can get alarm
Other Features: 
  • Full protections to car                         More controls to your cars                                     Route management
SOS alarm                                              Locked/unlocked car door, help                              You can set routes, and all the 
Over speed alarm                                 to reduce chance of stolen                                       cars must run accordingly, or 
Low power alarm                                  cause of not locking door.                                         else, route divert alarm will tell 
External power cut alarm                                                                                                            you to take action.
Engine on alarm
Car door open alarm
  • Geo-fencing                                                       Working time setting                                               Navigation
If the car enter no-allowed area,                     Force driver to work according to                            just need to identify destination,
you can get alarm to avoid driver                    the time you set, no over time working .                the best route will be made and
to go another place while on duty                   complaint any more                                                  tell your driver how to go
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