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MMS GPS Tracker

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MMS/SMS GPS Tracker with camera , take photo in real time




Power supply  
+6V - +35V / 1.5A
60mm x 80mm x 30mm
Operating temperature
-20° to 55° C
5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz 
GPS Chipset 
latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset  
GPS Sensitivity
GPS Frequency 
L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code 
1.023 MHz chip rate
20 channel all-in-view tracking
Position Accuracy 
10 m, 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy
0.1 m/s
Time Accuracy
1 us synchronized to GPS time
Default datum
0.1 sec., average
Hot start
<1 sec., average
Warm start
<36 sec., average
Cold start
<36 sec., average
Altitude Limit 
18,000 m (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity Limit
515 m/second (1000 knots) max.
2 input and 1 output 
2 LED lights to show working status.

MMS GPS Tracker For Car 


Common GPS tracker provide real time tracking, vehicle security service, it can help to recover when the car is stolen, but that is not enough, getting to know who steal the car and situation in the car will be much help in car management and protection, like know who drive the car when over speed alert active, who steal the car, etc. OCT600-CAM is designed for such cases specially, work with camera, you can take photo to the car, and when some thing happen, you can know it via checking photo in the phone; Support taking photo by time interval, you can know what happen in the car in the real time.


OCT600-CAM is highly recommended to use in fleet company, logistic company, car rental company,etc. It support mini camera, easy to use and hide.


Core Feature: 

MMS GPS Tracking


MMS GPS Tracking By Alert


You can get alert notification when some one is stealing your car, but you can get SMS only, what if the theft finds and removes the device, it is very difficult to get back the car. 

OCT600-CAM feature: MMS Tracking by alert, Taking photo when alert active, and send to your phone by MMS, you will see who is the theft, in this case, even if the device is removed, you still can get back your car via the photo. 




mms GPS tracking by interval


Take photo By time interval 

Taking photo by time interval, you can select to store to the SD card, or send to your phone by MMS, or send to the system and check the picture report, this feature needs to work with SD firmware. it is suitable for fleet company with cargo transportation business, you can check what happen in the car at real time, all photos can be sent to the system, if you find something wrong, you can call the driver or stop the car directly. 

Main Features:
Real time tracking                      LBS Tracking
MMS tracking                             Track by interval
Detail address inquiry                Google map link inquiry
Engine cut remotely                   SOS emergency alert
Geo-fence alert                          Movement alert
Over speed alert                        External power cut alert
Voice monitoring(option)            Speed limitation
Arm/Disarm                                Power saving mode
Working time setting                  Engine detecting and report
SIM balance inquiry                   Fuel monitoring (option)
Mileage calculation & setting      Firmware update OTA
Take photo                                 2 ways communication (option)