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GPS Tracker OCT900-R

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A GPS tracker with all functions you want


 Specification of GPS Tracker


Power supply  +9V - +35V / 1.5A
Backup Battery 550mAh
Dimension 60mmx85mmx30mm
Weight 145g
Operating temperature -20° to 55° C
Humidity 5% to 95% Non-condensing
Frequency GSM850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS Chipset Latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
GPS Sensitivity -158Db
GPS Frequency L1, 1575.42 MHz
C/A Code 1.023 MHz chip rate
Channels 20 channel all-in-view tracking
Position Accuracy 10 m, 2D RMS
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 m/s
Time Accuracy 1 us synchronized to GPS time
Default datum WGS-84
Reacquisition 0.1 sec., average
Hot start  <1 sec., average
Warm start <36 sec., average
Cold start  42 sec., average
Altitude Limit 18,000 m (60,000 feet) max.
Velocity Limit 515 m/second (1000 knots) max.
Interface 5 inputs, 5 outputs, 2 AD, 3 USB ports
LED 2 LED lights to show working status
Remote distance 10-15m



GPS Tracker OCT900-R

GPS Tracker OCT900-R, It is a new GPS tracker with full functions you want.


You can get full protections to your cars. It upgrades your car original alarm to GPS/GSM alarm system, you will not just hear a alarm sound.


Remote control in OCT900-R is available, you can control fuel supply, car door lock /unlock, and door lights blinking by remotes. When door,trunk opened or engine started illegally, you can get notifications at once. Auto lock car door is new and useful feature for car security and management. When car starts, it lock the car door automatically, it is useful to reduce some cases, like car robbery, children open car door while car moving, etc. 


Beside, new features of OCT900-R make your company routine work be much more smoother. You can set car and driver info to all. If any issue happen, you can know which car and who cause. it is convenient in fleet management. You also can set service start and end time;When the car need to do maintenance, You do not have to remember all the date, OCT900-R will remind you in advance.


What is more, You can use RFID to manage your drivers and cars, all driving behaviors will be recorded. They are not possible to do driving without safety and private jobs. MMS technology allow you to get photo via phone,you can check details in the car via your phone in real time.


This device supports high capacity MCU ( Flash memory: 128KB, Frequency:72Mhz), you can add more functions for clients. and its OTA function, make function customization be more easily. 


It is recommended to use in private car, taxi, bus, logistic, transport companies, car rental service, travel companies, and so on.

GPS tracker with remotes



Remotes GPS Tracker 

Full protections to your car

It is able to control car fuel supply, car door lock/unlock via remote, rather than complicate commands. If any one open car door, or start engine illegally, you also can get notifications at once;

Make connection with car original alarm, and upgrade it to GSM/GPS alarm system. When alarm active, you will not just hear alarm sound. 

Auto lock car door when car starts, to prevent some cases, like car robbery, children open car door while driving. 



RFID GPS Tracker

Effective fleet and driver management

Support vehicle info setting and inquiry. You do not have to take many times to check which car and who the driver is, if any case happen.

Compulsory driver identify, not only driver behaviors monitoring, but also a controller. Car won't start without RFID, if any one starts car at non-working time, you will know who did that. It is grate help in reducing private jobs and chaos scheduling. 



GPS tracking camera

Car monitoring with dual photographic modes.

Support dual modes for car monitoring, to let you know what happen in the car. Except online system, you also can check photos in your phone via MMS. 

Besides, Auto photographic is available now, you can take photo by time interval; 

To know who make driving with not safety, and who stole the car, alarm photographic feature takes photo when alarm active. 





GPS/GPRS live tracking                                             Living location report

LBS Tracking                                                             Track by time/ distance interval

Google map link inquiry                                             Engine cut remotely

SOS emergency alert                                                Geo-fence alert

Movement alert                                                         Speeding alert

External power cut alert                                            Door open alert

Engine on alert                                                          Shaking alert

GPS antenna abnormal alert                                  Trunk open alert

Connect with car original alarm                             Arm/Disarm by remote, SMS

Car door lock/unlock by remotes, SMS                     Auto lock car door when car starts

Vehicle info setting and inquiry                                  Vehicle maintenance reminding

Speed limitation                                                          Fuel monitoring (option)

Working time setting                                                   Mileage calculation & setting

Miss call reminding for alarm                                     Engine detecting and report

Car door status detecting                                          Trunk status detecting

SIM balance inquiry                                                   Firmware update OTA

Data storing and exporting (option, SD card)      Voice monitoring,3 listening No.s (option,MIC)

2 ways communication (Option, speaker)                 3 Admin No.s setting for management

Driver Identify (option)                                               Car control by RFID (Option)

Dual photograph mode ( MMS & online, option)       Take photo by time interval (option)

Take photo when alarm active (option)