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GPS tracker with 3 USB ports





  Dimension   60mmx85mmx30mm   Weight   145g
  Charging voltage   +9V – +35V / 1.5A   GPS Chipset   Latest GPS SIRF-Star III chipset
  Back up battery   550mAh lithium-ion battery   Operating temp   -20°C to 55°C
  Humidity   5%–95%   GPS Sensitivity   158Db
  LED indicator   2 indicators show GSM/GPS status   GPS Frequency   L1, 1575.42 MHz
  Channels   20 channel all-in-view tracking   Interface   5 input and 5 output, 2 AD, 3 USB port
  Velocity Accuracy   0.1 m/s   Position Accuracy   10 m, 2D RMS
  Frequency    850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM   Time Accuracy    1 us synchronized to GPS time



  GPS tracker OCT900-R   12V/24V relay   Power I/O cable    GPS Antenna
  GSM Antenna          

Oner GPS tracker OCT900


OCT900 is oner GPS Tracker supported 3 USB ports and 5 user-defined I/Os. It allows you ability to make GPS tracking device for different applications. For example, make RIFD and camera work with tracker together, you can monitor driver behaviors and take photo when bad event happen, like reckless driving, not wearing seat-belt, etc. And you also can use 5 undefined outputs to control your car, include engine, car door, trunk, ari container, audio, etc.  For car and drive safety, alarm system is necessary, this tracking device allows you to define alert, and you can customize the content of alerts

This tracker is highly recommended to use in fleet and logistic companies, travel service, car rental service, etc.



1. GPS/GPRS live tracking

2. Living location report

3. LBS Tracking

4. Track by time/ distance / degree / engine

5. Google map link inquiry  

6. Engine cut remotely  

7. SOS emergency alert  

8. Geo-fence alert  

9. Movement alert

10. Speeding alert  

11. External power cut alert  

12. Shaking alert

13. GPS antenna abnormal alert

14. 5 output/input user-defined function

15. Alert content user-defined function

16. Vehicle info setting and inquiry

17. Vehicle maintenance reminding


18. Speed limitation  

19. Fuel monitoring (option)

20. Working time setting  

21. Mileage calculation & setting  

22. Miss call reminding for alarm

23. Data logging by time interval (option, SD card)

24. Data download with Udoc kit (option, Udoc kit)

25. SIM balance inquiry

26. Voice monitoring(option,MIC)

27. 2 ways communication (Option)

28. 3 Admin No.s setting for management

29. Driver Identify (option)

30. Car control by RFID (Option)

31. Dual photograph mode ( option)

32. Take photo by time interval (option)

33. Take photo when alarm active (option)