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Live GPS vehicle tracking with in-car video cameras monitoring

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Read card type:125kHZ ID card Mode of reading card: automatic reading card Read card hints: LED+

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Read card type:125kHZ  ID card 


Mode of reading card: automatic reading card


Read card hints: LED+ vibration hints


Storage records: 80 thousand


Vibration record: 30 thousand


Communication interface: magnetic absorption  free drive USB communication


Data upload: GPRS upload or WIFI upload /USB interface upload


Work power: 60mA


Power supply battery: built-in 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery


Structural features: full sealing of flexible plastic


Working environment temperature: -20 ~ 40 C


Working environment humidity: relative humidity from 10 to 95%


Shape size / weight: 85 x 57 x 28.5mm/ 73g

Protection grade: IP67


GPRS Real time security patrol guard system-GS6100S


Mini type GPRS real-time patrol, Small and exquisite, automatic card reading, real-time upload, no need to connect to the computer.It is used for the supervision, management and assessment of all positions that need to be inspecting regularly (Patrol). Provide information management Provide information management means for the industry to upgrade the user. for the industry to upgrade the user. 



1. Unique technology: Scan checkpoints, RFID tags. It is  incorporating Internet of Things technology.



2. Better security guard tracking: Monitor guards' GPS location, schedule patrols and check for missed checkpoints scan.



3 Real-Time Incident Reporting: Totally remote guard tour management through real-time and push notifications exploiting cloud technology


4. Increased security staff protection: SOS buttons and automated push notifications


Software support



The product is applicable to

The security patrol management of the property company;  The city's comprehensive security patrol management;  Mobile office attendance management;  Equipment inspection management of production enterprises.