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Oner Driver Identify & Management solution




You get a ticket for refueling from the driver.  Indeed, that vehicle was refueled a few days ago, it was not possible to run out so fast, and you know the vehicle was driven at nonworking time by the records. You need to have a word with the driver. The problem is, that vehicle is used by various drivers. You cannot spot who the driver at that particular time was.

Situations like this are quite common, specially with companies where the optimization of the fleet and personnel require frequent driver reassignment.

If you want to always keep track of which driver was assigned to a trip, then Oner bring Driver Identity and mangement solution for this. 



Keep track of driver assignments
You will know for sure whose driver was assigned to a specific trip;
Increase quality of service offered to customers 
Know whose driver was responsible for a visit to a customer or for a delivery;
Avoid unauthorized usage of vehicles 
Receive an alarm if a driver is not identified when a vehicle starts a trip;
Improve driving behavior 
Manager will know the duration and fue consumption that each driver drive the vehicle.


Oner driver identify and mangement system, includes an RFID reader, attached to the GPS/GPRS device (CT04-X), reads the code contained in the Identification Card attributed to each driver. Each card has a unique code. The code is finally sent to the tracking software.(    login:demo  password: demo).

RFID reader is connected to the Frotcom GPS/GPRS device. Each driver will be given an RFID card . The driver will swipe the card before starting a trip.

A beep will sound and the identification of the driver will be sent via GPRS to the tracking software. an alarm will be sent out to the fleet manager, by email or SMS.
Optionally, manager can set non working time, if the driver start the vehicle at preset time, another alarm will be sent out by email or SMS, to avoid the driver to use the vehice for personal  usage. 

1. Immediate driver identification 
2. Working time/non working time setting
3. alarm when start the vehicle at non working time
4. Simple unintrusive installation