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PC Version Tracking System

Country of origin: China

free software, connect with SMS modem, easy to use

Oner GPS PC Tracking System

Oner GPS PC tracking system provides you a powerful tool that will help reduce operating expenses while actually increasing productivity, and improving customer service.

We continue our commitment to provide customers with the most effective way to save money and increase productivity every day. Our most popular benefits include Ease of Use, Nearest Vehicle Locator, Live Tracking, Google Mapping, Various Reports, stop cars, and the list goes on! 

      Precise mapping by Google Maps, updates on vehicle location usage and status
      History reports with details address.
      SMS remote control to all vehicles.
      Comprehensive range of solutions.

1.Tracking via SMS
2.Living location report and alert report
3.Voice monitoring
4.Arm the car
5.Automatic Tracking
6.Remote engine/fuel cut
7.Get details address via SMS
8. Support mapinfo map uploading
9.Support SMS Sending out Via system